It can be absolutely overwhelming trying to navigate the health or natural health field alone.

I would love to be able to help you achieve your health goals. I truly believe God's plan was for us to be healthy and heal. He did provide so many herbs to help with that.
Together, we could do that for you. I have the education and resources to put together a viable plan for you.

Please explore these following options as to how we can work together...

Short Session

This could be just for an acute issue; such as sore throat, the flu, sore muscles, etc. This takes about an hour and I will e-mail a written protocol for you.


Extensive Session

This could be for some lifestyle changes. Perhaps you just do not feel up to par, dragging, getting sick too often, you just want to make changes . We would do an intake, and really discuss what it is you would like out of this consultation.


  • an initial visit
  • then a primary visit
  • and a short follow-up
  • a written protocol
  • a specialized product created and sent off to you.


Complete Lifestyle

This is your best option for the most effective health and lifestyle changes. For this session we add on to the extensive session.


  • at least 4 visits
  • a written protocol
  • 2 specialized products created and sent to you
  • one follow up


These sessions can all be done from your home with Skype or if you are local, in my home office.

Contact me today

to begin your journey to health!

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