Patches of Thyme Kitchen Part 1

morterWith summer here I wanted to highlight a few products in the Patches of Thyme kitchen located in Squaw Valley. We live outside of Fresno on five acres in the foothills. I grow many of the herbs I use here locally. I make all products in small batches for quality control. For those that live in the Fresno/Squaw Valley area I can drop off products or mail them to you. You may order right here on my website.

IMG_2795Soothe Away:

This herbal product has been by far my best seller. It is made in small batches here in the Patches of Thyme kitchen in Squaw Valley. Soothe Away is a very versatile salve to have on hand. It is good for toddler for bruising up to seniors for arthritis. Arnica the herb that is used is an anti-inflammatory, nervine and analgesic. It is great for joint pain, growing pains, muscle aches, sprains and bruises. Not only does it ease the pain it also speeds the process of healing. The main constituents are tannin, arnicin and a volatile oil. Caution is advised as this should not be applied to an open wound.

Down on the PlantationDown on the Plantation.

This wonderful little salve is also made in small batches in Squaw Valley. The main herb is plantain which is actually used best fresh, macerated and applied directly to the need. It is also grown as a weed in many yards here in the Central Valley of California. If fresh is not available contact me for your own Down on the Plantation.I combine plantain with lavender for a very effective salve which is helpful for poison oak, bee stings, flea bites and even snake bits. Plantain is an astringent, diuretic and vulnerary. Constituents in plantain are allantoin, mucilage and tannin. Lavender is grown in my garden here in Squaw Valley. Lavender is an analgesic, insect repellant, nervine and antiviral. The main constitutents are volatile oil, tannins, coumarins and flavonoids.



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