Herbal First Aid

faviconAre you new to herbs? Would you like a place to start to help with natural wellness for you and your family? Consider putting together an herbal first aid kit. I have a list here of some herbs and how they can help.

Astragulus– boosts while cell count, can be used as an immune booster while working great for adrenal deficiencies.

Elderberry– This is a great immune booster to use while not sick. It can be used for a couple weeks at a time to keep immune system strong and working well. This herb has been around and used for a long time . Many are fortunate to have elderberries grown nearby. It can be made into elderberry syrup and jam.

Echinacea– This is a beautiful tall purple cornflower which can be used for many infections . My research has shown me that it is best used not as a preventative but when sick. Do not use Echinacea long term

Milk thistle– This is a great liver support herb. Works from the inside out . It helps your liver detoxify naturally so it works the most efficiently.

Slippery Elm bark– This herbs contains mucilage which in essence coats the throat. It needs to dissolve slowly in the mouth to work efficiently. It also is great for sore throats along with gargling warm salt water .

Arnica– Arnica is used by homeopaths and herbalists alike. Arnica salve is by far my best seller. It is used topically for many things including muscle aches and pains, joint pain ,sprains and is awesome for bruising

Plantain– This herb that grows wild many places is wonderful for many skin conditions and irritations. You can take a leaf and rub it on the skin irritation.It can be made into a wonderful salve that is easy to carry around . It can be used as a tea for throat irritations . It is also good for snake bites.

Calendula– is that bright yellow or orange flower that many know very well. It is great for treating minor scrapes, bee stings or bug bites .

Willow Bark – can be used like aspirin for headaches. If you have an allergic reaction to aspirin avoid willow bark though.


This is a simple small list but could be great starting point for those wanting to treat their family more naturally. It also would be great for putting together to take on a trip.




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