Cyndi is a holistic herbalist in Central California (Squaw Valley/Fresno area) with training in clinical and master herbalism. She tends to practice in the ancient traditional (folksy) methods with knowledge and resources in evidence based ways. And studying never ends as she feels learning about herbs is a lifelong journey.

She is also a birth doula and a CBE; passionate about natural birth. Cyndi feels God led her to herbalism and that God placed herbs here for us to use and heal with. Cyndi feels lifestyle and nutrition play a very important part in good health.

She offers several types of consultations along with fun and informative workshops and classes.

She loves to garden and has many herbs growing that she harvests and uses in her kitchen and specialty made products .Along with that she loves anything to do with home and loves to sew . She has been married her steady hardworking husband for almost 34 years, has three amazing grown kids and two of the best grandkids around.

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